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No matter age, gender, race, or boxing experience, JB Boxing welcomes all to join!

We train with boxers who have a wide range of experience. Amateurs and professionals, children and adults are all welcome and encouraged.

Don't want to compete? That's okay! We also work with those who may simply want a high intensity workout or are just curious about joining a new boxing gym. Whether it's improving your fitness level or relieving some stress. We are here for you!  


  • In the beginning stages of your experience, expect a lot of education on technique. This will help ensure your safety and give you the ability to engage in a full-body workout​

  • We have boxing gloves, mouthpieces, and hand wraps for purchase if you do not have your own.

  • Always bring water to stay hydrated

  • Show up early:

    • get your hands wrapped before practice starts

    • practice your jump rope skills and get warmed up for class

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  • Bring your mouthpiece

  • Make sure your passbook is up-to-date

  • Boxers from other gyms are welcome as long as all coaches are in agreement

  • Athletes from other disciplines are welcome to learn and/or sharpen their boxing skills

  • Stay ready!


  • Show respect to those around you

  • Horseplay not permitted

  • Respect the gym - keep it clean

  • Dress in proper attire

  • Bring your own water​

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