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Paul Adame and Raul Barron have been coaching Topeka Golden Gloves for over 30 years. The pair have loved boxing since their early teens. They grew up training and sparring in the Oakland neighborhood. During that time, no boxing gyms or programs were available until years later. Adame and Barron decided they wanted to provide a place for other fellow boxers to train and grow with the support of a gym program. Their mission was to encourage kids to learn and train while developing self-discipline and grow their self-esteem and confidence. One of their main goals was to provide a safe space for these kids and a healthy gym environment.


The Topeka Golden Gloves emphasizes the art of boxing through self-control and defense. The love of boxing is what started TGG but development of the youth program is what kept it alive. In the words of Raul Barron, 'When the kids succeed, it makes a real change in them and the whole community. Their achievements were won through determination and discipline, to reach their ultimate goals, if they win, we win.


Jessica Barron is the owner of JB Boxing and the daughter of head coach Raul Barron. Since she was a toddler she was raised in the boxing gym and grew up in the Topeka Golden Gloves Boxing Club. 


Growing up in the boxing community lead Jessica to explore boxing on her own. She recalls the influence the movie ‘Girl Fight’ had on her as a young child leading her to become even more invested in the sport. Previously, Jessica had been told that women were not ‘allowed’ to box, however in 2006, TGG had their first female competitor. When Jessica had the opportunity to see a woman boxer in the ring, everything changed.


Jessica started training with TGG and fought from ages 13 through 17. She has 21 bouts in several different weight categories (101lbs, 106lbs, 112lbs). She won a belt at the National Women's Golden Gloves at age 15, a silver medal at the junior Olympics at age 16, and a bronze medal at the USA Boxing Women’s National Championships at age 17.


Jessica has personally experienced the impact that TGG and boxing have had on someone’s life. She continues to help spread that impact now through her own gym, JB Boxing. 


Our mission is to provide a sense of community in our gym in order to foster an environment that promotes empowerment, growth, improved health and well-being for all ages and all levels of boxing experience - all in the name of the art of boxing.

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